Wednesday, March 31, 2010

9am Wonder Arts: Eggs, Plexiglass Printing

Journey of an Egg...

When looking at these pictures, I am so thrilled to see parents and caregivers sitting back and observing their children. Not only that, the "helpers" often grab my attention and ask me to document the "process" of their child's endeavors. I really appreciate when that happens, because it not only tunes me in on important discoveries...they communicate to everyone there (the children, most importantly) that this "process" is what matters most. While the end result does often amaze and thrill me, I believe it's the journey that holds the key to understanding and appreciating our children.

As I watched many of the eggs turn to brown, I was very proud of this group of parents and children. I know it can take all we have to just let them experiment and let them enjoy the experience without our putting an expectation on a certain outcome.

The children were not concerned with creating a perfectly "colored" egg.

What can they learn from this process?

What can we learn from their curiosity and willingness to continue to mix it up, rather than being satisfied with the status quo?

Good for H., who decided to investigate, what is inside of this thing, anyway?

Making a wonderful soup! Which, I willingly sampled and it tasted great!

Beautiful Brown Eggs!

Here we can witness the time, careful attention to detail, commitment, and satisfaction that a young 3 year old can dedicate herself to when she is allowed the freedom to create. It's a lovely thing when a child can joyfully create for themselves and it doesn't matter who's watching or not watching.

Art is for me, just me!

Often the children find their own ways of doing things! Always appreciated!

Big Kids love The Wonder Studio too!

10:30 Wonder Arts: Eggs, Plexiglass Printing

Big Kids Enjoy Messy, Open-Ended Art too!!

This was a absolutely beautiful moment between 2 toddlers.
The moment was completely nonverbal except for a few grunts and babbles.
The little boy on the right was so interested in creating a "conversation" with the little girl.
She listened and conversed right back.
There was no struggle for space or intimidation of one to the other, or other common toddler complaints.
It was just a lovely moment and I feel so lucky to have witnessed it and I hope you see the wonderment in it, as I do!