Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Unknown: Week 6 at Wonder Studio

All humans struggle with the "unknown".

Perhaps, it's our biggest fear (after public speaking, of course ;).

What I love about being with young children is their willingness to explore the unknown without so much fear.
Too often, but unfortunately necessary at times, we instill that fear into their hearts as they grow up.
But, is there a balance to be had?
When we allow them places and a time to explore the unknown...
We see some real moments of freedom.
Because, in those moments of freedom, the Realm of Possibilities in life is awoken.
Children need to know that the "unknown" can be enjoyed.
Exploring the "unknown" can take you somewhere you never knew you wanted to be.
We will all end up in the unknown at some point.

Life is about letting go of that fear.
How much control do we have ultimately over the unknown.

It's quite unknown.