Thursday, October 17, 2013

Roses and Thorns: Week 5

A reflective practice is something I want to be...both in my teaching and in my parenting.

I believe that's how we grow... we do... and then we reflect.

At the end of the day, I often find myself reflecting on my day with the kids and my husband.

Trying not to "grade" or judge myself but just thinking about the parts I could be proud of and what were the parts I wanted to learn from.
 I read that the Obama's do "Roses and Thorns" at dinner each night.  We started doing this about a year or two ago ourselves.
Even if we have company, we engage our guests in what their Roses and Thorns were...
Roses being the joyful parts of the day... The thorns being the more challenging parts of the day.
 I've been surprised to see that some of our guests have been uncomfortable sharing their "thorns".  They have even said, "Let's focus on the good parts of the day."
 Certainly, I am a believer in the power of positive thinking.
It's our failures that often teach us the most.
If we can't think about what went wrong, then we become stuck making the same mistakes over and over again.
I like when my kids listen intently to my reflections on my day.
And, I definitely LOVE to hear their own reflections on their day.
 Wonder Studio is the same.
I reflect after each class... often with the same questions...

Why is this place important to children?

What and how are the children learning?


Why is this place important to adults?

What and how are the adults learning?
 Yes, it's cute, it's messy, it's fun...

But those comments do not address my questions.
 Have you ever been to a play date with your child or birthday party or some other occasion meant to spend some "quality" time with your child... and when you leave, you realize you Missed your child?  
 You were there, they were there, but you were both too busy to actually "be there" WITH one another.
 This is always my hope for Wonder Studio.

That it can be a place where you or a Loving adult can really "Be there" WITH your child.

 I mean, Let's face it, life is busy.

We have work, we have cleaning to do, we have hobbies.

It's extremely difficult to give your child undivided attention.

And most of the time, that's ok and sometimes even good for our kids.

However, giving your child the gift of your time for one hour a week (two for those of you who come 2x a week ;)...

is really priceless.

I so so wish I could bring my own children to a place like Wonder Studio and be there with them and observe Who they are and not try and "teach" them who they should be.!

 I will never be able to bring my children to Wonder Studio and do that, 
BUT YOU can!

 While, it's wonderful to reconnect with a fellow mom or nanny and have a nice chat...

Will you leave Wonder Studio with the feeling you were "there" with the child or will you leave "Wondering" where did the time go?
 Quiet yourself, quiet your mind, let go of expectations.
Be there for your child.
Don't judge him or her for one hour.
Look with new eyes.
And see who they are.
 And yes, I know many of you reading this blog, do not take my classes anymore or have never even taken my class.
And some of you have brilliant nannies who bring your child to my class.
It all applies...
Find the time to give your children that hour.
You will never be sorry you did.