Thursday, January 30, 2014

Oddities...Winter Wonder Studio: Week 1

When I was around 12... I received a new bed comforter that I really really liked.  I remember my mom made it up so so nice and I liked the way it looked.  So much so, that I slept on the floor because I didn't want to "mess" it up.
 As a matter of fact, I went so far as not to let anyone in my family even sit on my bed because I didn't want them to "mess" it up either.

With friends, I was a little more discreet with my new obsession. They could sit on it and I would just carefully smooth out all the wrinkles later after they left.
 I don't think my mom understood that I was sleeping on the floor until a few weeks later when my sister ratted me out.
Of course, my mom promptly came in and SAT on my bed!!!  I tried to stop her...but she would have none of that.  
 But, instead of getting mad (or taking me to a OCD therapist, which would be standard case for parents now days)...

she taught me how to make my bed.
 Now...I don't think it immediately took...I do remember sleeping on top of the comforter for a while after...
But, that damn woman was stubborn, and she kept coming in and SITTING on my bed.
 She started taking it a step further and PULLING DOWN THE SHEETS!!
If Facebook would have been around, you better believe a WTH...would have been my post!
 So, eventually, I realized I would have to sleep under the new comforter...This phenomena seemed to be expected by my mother...I relented!  That's the thing about Mothers...most of them are pretty strong-willed.
 However, it was soon after, I asked for a chair...a big, irresistibly comfy chair (that I knew my Mom would like to sit on;).
 I like to be personal with folks so I don't mind telling you that was a tough year for me as a child.  Maybe, one of the toughest.
A lot of serious things happened to me and around me at that time.
For my mom, too.
 In talking about this story recently...(Yes, I live next door to TWO therapists, yes...for real!) I realized that having my bed made neatly was a way for me to have some control over my life (The neighbors didn't even have to tell me that!).
 My mom has said that after that happened, she realized she needed to pay a little closer attention to me...She used the "sitting" time to talk with me, listen to me, and learn about me.
That time she took...really paid off.
 Now, I NEVER make my bed! 
Ha, JUST kidding!
 My point is...I think I have one here...

 Kids do really strange, odd things.

 Sometimes, there is a reason...
 But, often, we don't know until later...
Even, 30 years later, sometimes.
 Take a moment to sit, listen, and be there with your child.  Most of the time, if we are willing to give them time to work it out...the issues are resolved.
 And, if nothing else...
 When they are 35 years old and looking back trying to make sense out of parenting their own children and their own children's oddities..
 They will remember you sat with them...
 You talked with them...
 You taught them life skills...
 You were there for them, when they needed you to be.
 And, they will, in turn, want to be this way with their own children.
 Enjoy these pictures...
 Children, at a place, where oddities are appreciated!