Monday, May 13, 2013

Just Play!!! Marvelous Moms Saturday Class at The Wonder Studio 5.11.13

 I know you've heard me discuss creativity before here and here...
 But it bears repeating that... creativity is a muscle that needs a good "work out"!!

 Sometimes, people see art materials and immediately think "creative"!!
I caution you to look deeper!

Creative work means using materials in novel ways, thinking of new ideas, and being open to multiple possibilities.
 Most of you know, I don't do crafts at Wonder Studio and you can read about that here...
 Crafts involve following directions and making a product that looks like someone else's product.
And while there is a certain feeling of achievement that comes from replicating another's work, more often for young children they are set up for disappointment.
 That's why "What is it?" is a question I always try to avoid with young children.
Why should "it" be anything at all?

 Hmmmm... Maybe...
"It" should be:

 So, maybe, to you it doesn't make a difference, art or craft?
Maybe , making a candle votive is dangerously close to a craft???
 Well, the difference is... I do offer Possibilities.
In the candle votive, here are the players:
Glass baby food jar
Tissue Paper
Glue Wash
 But it should need little to no explanation regarding the how to...
 Most of the time, they know what to do. Give them the time, the materials, and some possibilities and they will take off!
Exercising that creative muscle...
 And what I've learned is it's never too late to be creative!!  All it takes (ironically enough) is this recipe ;)

A plan
and a willingness to change the plan.

Time + lots of open-ended materials

and some freedom.

Freedom to not have to really make anything at all.

Just play!