Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Late Bloomer... Weeks 4 and Five at the Studio!!

I've always wondered about those "Late Bloomers"... 

Are they just as beautiful?

Do they smell as sweet?

 We have a wonderful Gardenia bush on our front porch.  It bloomed back in April and was gorgeous! You've never smelled such beauty.

 It was so so quick though.  After a couple of weeks, the flowers all died and the smell...well... not so sweet anymore.
 Now, 3 months later...I found one amazing bloom on the bush.

A Late Bloomer!
 What a treat this special bloom is.  

And it really does stand out.

And, yes, it does smell just as sweet, if not more so.

The picture here really does not do it justice...sorry :)
 This is how nature is.  Predictable but sometimes NOT.

I think that is probably what makes it so thrilling and wondrous.

I try and consider why I would have wanted this July bloom to have bloomed with all the rest back in April...
 I haven't found myself thinking..."Gosh, what a shame to have this Gardenia bloom in July."
 Not even once did I worry about this late bloomer.  I didn't ask Why did it bloom so late?...
 Instead, I felt so lucky.

Lucky to be blessed with this gift of beauty a few months after all the other flowers had bloomed, disappeared, and were even forgotten about.
 I won't soon forget this bloom.  

It knew when it was ready...

 and it knew it would be all the more special for us having to wait for it.
 I wish for you to bear witness to one of these "Late Bloomers".  

You have to be patient but they WILL bloom, just wait for it.