Why No Crafts?

The Wonder Studio is part of the Anti-Craft movement for Toddlers and Preschoolers!  Not sure how many members exist but leave a comment if you want to join!!  That doesn't mean there isn't a time and place for crafts (just not at The Wonder Studio! ;).

Crafts involve following directions and creating a pre-determined, close-ended Product.  While older children and adults may find it enjoyable and even relaxing, it sets younger children up for failure.  Young children do not have the fine motor dexterity to create an adult modeled project.  And if they do, they begin to understand Art not as a form of catharsis and self-expression but instead a way to make a product that others will find pleasing. I feel strongly that "arts and crafts" diminish the capacity of the young child's mind.  Young children are curious, creative, capable, and they have a deep desire to communicate and understand.

The Wonder Studio doesn't offer experiences that always end in a finished product.  However, sometimes beautiful artistic products do happen and those are wonderful keepsakes to keep, hang up, and celebrate.

At the Wonder Studio, the process of art is emphasized rather than the product.  I only provide experiences that the children can do in it's entirety with little or no help from their caregiver.

The art experiences at The Wonder Studio are an introduction to the arts as a medium for communication and self-expression.  I follow the lead of each individual child and plan experiences that I hope will provoke interest and deep exploration.  I find that children are more deeply motivated when their experiences are multi-sensory...therefore, often quite a mess occurs... but the objective is not to make a mess.  This kind of thinking misinterprets young children's intentions.  Through providing these various arts media, we hope to inspire children to communicate with a new language.  We hope to discover each child's disposition for learning and how we can accept it, embrace it, and learn WITH the child!

Below is a list of the Arts media that will be introduced to your child during Wonder Studio arts classes.



  1. I would join the movement!! free the preschoolers! and all people. i think even many adults shy away from the arts because they fear their end product won't be worthwhile. abandon the attachment to the outcome and enjoy the process!! :)

  2. I am excited that the preschool I enrolled my daughter in practice the same routine. They provide materials but do not lead children in a craft. They are allowed to create whatever they want, even the same thing every day if they'd like.

    1. I am so happy you value this practice!! Getting the parents on board to this type of thinking is one of the most important jobs of the teacher!!