Meet Amy

Hi! I am Amy (Schulthess) Venable and I am so excited to be teaching at the Wonder Studio! I grew up in St. Pete and am an alumna of Shorecrest, Northeast, SPC, and USF where I majored in Art History. I now live in Clearwater with my husband, Jason, and our 4 year old daughter, Janey.
Some of you may know me from my many years teaching gymnastics and preschool at Tampa Bay Turners. After 17 years of teaching and coaching, I decided to take a break and stay home with my daughter. That was 4 years ago and I am so looking forward to being back in a learning and creative environment!
My Wonder Studio journey began with Janey. A friend shared a link about Shannon and her Wonder Studio on her Facebook page and I was fascinated…  Janey and I registered for classes when she was 18 months old and have been hooked ever since! What I love about Wonder Studio is… goodness, Shannon asked me to keep this short! Ha! I love the freedom the children are given to explore and learn on their own terms and at their own speed. I love that the focus is on the journey and the process and not the outcome. I love the quality of the materials and that the kids are not cautioned to “only use a little”. I love that parents are encouraged and supported in trying to give their children the opportunity to figure things out without adults immediately stepping in to problem solve. I love supporting our children in gaining a sense of independence in an interwoven community. Speaking of community, I love clean up time! I love how we explain that we are a community at the Wonder Studio, and it is OK to make a mess, and that as a community we work together to clean up our mess! I think that may actually be what I love best about the Wonder Studio. The feeling of community… a community of learning, and exploring, and creating, and getting messy, and growing, and doing it TOGETHER! Have I mentioned that I LOVE the Wonder Studio??

I look forward to meeting and connecting with all of you as we journey together at the Wonder Studio! Love…

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