Policies and Make Up Classes

1.  Absolutely no refunds will be made for withdrawal after the first class.
2.  50% of tuition will be refunded for withdrawal after registration, prior to first class.
3.  If you miss one of your regular scheduled days, please email to arrange a make up day/time during your 12 week session (6 weeks during Summer). The teacher is not responsible for arranging a make up day for you. If you cannot attend a regular scheduled class (during your current session) to make up your missed class(es), there will NOT be a refund or credit given towards future sessions.
4.  Worrying about keeping clothes clean inhibits the creative process.  You and your child should be dressed in clothes that can handle paint and glue.  I do not provide smocks or encourage the use of them.
5. Due to the nature of our program and the size of our toddler classes, we ask that only one adult accompanies your child during class, unless previously discussed with teacher.
6.  No cell phones/blackberries (unless discussed with teacher) and hot beverages are not permitted in class.
7. If the teacher cancels a class due to her own illness or emergency situation...a make up class will be offered.

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