Parent Handbook

The Wonder Studio LLC

Owner and Teacher:  Shannon Booth Lipan


My name is Shannon Booth Lipan.  I am from Winter Park, Florida by way of Ashland, Kentucky.  I went to school at University of Florida and graduated with a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.  I began teaching Junior Kindergarten (4 and 5 year olds) at Shorecrest Preparatory School in 2001.  I left Shorecrest in 2007 to become a Stay at home Mom to my now 9 year old daughter and six year old son. 
After my daughter was born, I saw a need for Appropriate high quality Arts/Science programs for young children and decided to start one myself.  The Wonder Studio is my own small (teeny tiny) business and I rent the space from Shorecrest.  


The Wonder Studio classes are based on a deep respect for children and believing strongly in their ability to learn through play. 

As well as:
The Pre-primary schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. 
Here’s a quick reference: 


The Wonder Studio provides experiences for children that will:

1.     Have a variety of possibilities for exploration
2.    Invite creativity
3.    Encourage learning together in a group
4.    Honor the individual
5.    Develop fine motor, gross motor, social/emotional, Logical/mathematical, language, cognitive, and self-help domains
6.    Provoke emotions and meaning making
7.    Arouse the senses

The Wonder Studio provides parents/caregivers with opportunities to:

1.     Offer his/her child time without distractions
2.    Model curiosity and joy in the learning process
3.    Observe his/her own child as well as other children
4.    Learn about the stages of growth in a young child’s development
5.    Consult with a professional teacher regarding early childhood issues
6.    Learn With and From your child
7.    Be inspired

What To Do

1.     Arrive On Time

Class is one hour and it flies by, don’t miss a minute! 

2.    Sit Down As much as possible

Adults are big and you can be overwhelming.  Please don’t stand around in groups or individually gawking at the children.  Grab a chair and enjoy observing what interests your child or get down on your child’s eye level and explore along with him/her!

3.    Keep adult conversation to a MINIMUM

Believe me, I know you want to make friends too (so do I ;), BUT it really distracts the children.  Please use the class list names and numbers to plan Gab time before or after class.  Many of my Past groups have arranged regular play groups at parks or homes after studio time.

4.    Don’t Judge!!

The Wonder Studio is a Judge-Free Environment!!  Don’t judge your child, someone else’s child, yourself, or another (including the teacher!).  We are all trying to do the best we can in the best way we know how.  Please take a look at my blog regarding this issue:

5.    WAIT
Give your child (and the others) time before you intervene.  Hold your hands behind your back or look the other way…whatever it takes to allow your child the time they need to initiate, navigate, create, and socialize without your guidance.  This is his/her opportunity to develop those skills in an environment where all the parents are on the same page.

6.    Don’t Force your child to Share

Weird, I know.  Give me a chance here to explain…
Developmentally speaking we know a 2 year old doesn’t yet have the ability to cross the street by himself so we don’t insist that they do it.
Developmentally, we also know that a 2 year old (and often 3-5 year olds) doesn’t yet have the capability to share BUT most parents still insist that their child do it. 
Please , please read this blog entry regarding Sharing… I hope it will change your perspective!

7.    Kill The TV!

I know this is another unpopular and maybe even unwelcome directive.  BUT…give it a chance.  Your child will need time after class to process what happened.  If you go home and turn on the tube, they will lose all that inspiration!  Give them the day (Or even longer) to go home and play out all that they need to extend their learning.
I don’t say this lightly, if you are looking for the HOW to not turn on the TV, I am happy to send some good resources your way!

What should my child and I wear during class?

Class is messy!  I repeat class is Very Very messy (this is somewhat dependent on your child’s willingness and/or interest in sensory experiences, but be aware that another child will often give you a hug or a pat on the back with his/her paint covered hands!)!  I do not provide smocks and frankly I don’t believe in them!  Worrying about getting their clothes dirty greatly inhibits the creative process in children.  Generally speaking, smocks are uncomfortable and restrict children’s arm movements. 
Please, have your child (and yourself) wear something comfortable and that can be STAINED.  Bring extra clothes (for you both) to change into as well as a towel to help with clean up. 
Your stained paint covered shirts/pants can be your Wonder Studio uniform!! J And Please go to the grocery store right after class, it’s a great marketing tool for me!! ;)

Why does Shannon take pictures during class?

I take many pictures during the class time in order to document our experiences on the blog:
Documentation is a key resource for all of us (children included) to reflect upon our time at The Wonder Studio. 

“Documentation offers the protagonist a unique opportunity to listen again, see again, and therefore revisit the learning experience.”

“Documentation gives parents the parents the possibility to know not only what their child is doing, but also how and why, to see not only the products but also the processes.  In this way parents become aware of the meaning that the child gives to what he or she does, and the shared meanings that children have with other children.”

          “The Hundred Languages of Children , Edwards, Gandini, Forman”

**Please Email/Contact me if you do not wish me to share your child’s pictures on the blog or facebook.**

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