Meet Virginia!! Tuesday Spanish Language Infusion Wonder Studio!!

Hi, my name is Virginia Chacon. I am originally from Uruguay. I have been in the US for 17 years. Before moving to Florida I lived in Washington DC, where I worked at the Embassy of Uruguay, gave private classes as a Spanish tutor, worked as a Spanish substitute teacher and as a freelance translator. I moved to St. Petersburg in 2012 with my husband and our two children, ages 4 and 6.

Both my children enjoyed Wonder Studio so much when they attended and so did I. I love the Wonder Studio philosophy because it encourages creativity, independence and having fun. Wonder Studio is a place where we don’t worry about getting wet, getting dirty, making a mess, or creating the perfect final product. It’s about opening your mind and enjoying the process.

I am excited to introduce a whole new level to Wonder Studio with the infusion of the Spanish language. 
As a mom raising two bilingual children, I can clearly see what so much research shows — that there are many benefits to learning a second language, and the earlier that language is introduced, the better. Small children are adept at picking up the sounds, rhythms, and vocabulary of a new language. And in the process, they learn that people are different. We all communicate in different ways and we all represent different cultures. 

I enjoy sharing my language and my culture and I am very excited that now I have the chance to do so at Wonder Studio. 

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