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Hi Everyone!

(Parking, Playground, and Snack information at bottom of email)

Welcome to Wonder Studio! The Parent-teacher relationship is one of great importance.  Our hope through this class is for you to see the teacher as a resource and a partner in your child’s education.  In order for that to happen, we depend on you to COMMUNICATE with us.  We don’t know how to help or make your experience at Wonder Studio a positive one unless you let us know when you have questions or concerns. 
We are really looking forward to your first Wonder Studio class! **Please read through the following information to make your child's transition to The Wonder Studio go more smoothly!!**

Please talk to your child about your routine at The Wonder Studio Before class.  This helps to prepare them for what will happen.

On your child’s scheduled Wonder Studio day, you and your child may come into the classroom at your scheduled time.  If you are early, please wait outside by the Picnic benches.  I need every minute I can get to make sure the room is set up appropriately for these guys.  I will open the door when I am ready for the little (and big) ones.

We do NOT start class with a circle time.  The entry routine goes as follows:  
1.     Come in, wash hands (helps to prevent the spread of colds and germs) and Remember to bring your child over to me for a greeting.  Making sure your child receives a greeting from me helps to encourage a relationship between us.  I do not expect a greeting in return but I do want your child to feel acknowledged and noticed by me.  Of course, I like to greet the grown-ups as well!! ;)

2.    Then you can get started exploring with your children.  Some folks find it helpful to walk or carry your child around and look at all the experiences first before deciding where to go first.  Some children seem to know right where they want to go from the beginning.  Different strokes for different folks ;)

**I ask that the experiences set out stay contained to each table or floor area.  For example, the clay stays in the clay area.  The Oil pastels stay on the oil pastel table, the worms stay on the worm table, etc...  
When possible, please encourage your child to rinse hands in between the experiences to keep things looking appealing.  This way dirt from the worms does not get on the Flubber creating a one-time use of the material.  I find that young children are sensitive to the visual appeal of experiences.

This is how we teach the children to take care of the materials.  Gentle reminders that when they are done with one try and make it look as it was previously… for the next person.  After a few classes the children begin to understand this part of the routine.  It reinforces that these art/science materials are special and that we must take care of them.

At first, young children need to explore the different properties of these materials before more intentional use can begin to develop. This is why I recommend NOT drawing pictures for your child.  If your child is hesitant to use the materials, please do use them yourself but in a way that your child might use.  Representational drawing is not appropriate for this age group, so drawing and/or sculpting smiling faces and animals, etc.. sets an unattainable goal for your child and can strongly make them less interested in attempting to try new materials. This Arts class is focused on developing your child’s alphabet of Artistic Media, NOT ABC’s and 123’s.  Centering Art around writing your child’s name is not appropriate for The Wonder Studio. The goal is not to teach handwriting but to inspire and awaken your child’s unique ideas and artistic expressions.  It’s not possible to learn what is interesting to your child when you interject your own ideas.

**I have large squeeze bottles filled with paint to refill containers and trays for some of the experiences.  Children (and adults ;) love to squeeze the paint from these bottles...I am fine with folks refilling the paint trays and containers but then I ask that the squeeze bottles be placed up high out of the children's reach.  Otherwise, gallons of paint are quickly used up.

What should my child and I wear during class?
Class is messy!  I repeat class is Very Very messy (this is somewhat dependent on your child’s willingness and/or interest in sensory experiences, but be aware that another child will often give you a hug or a pat on the back with his/her paint covered hands!)!  I do not provide smocks and frankly I don’t believe in them!  Worrying about getting their clothes dirty greatly inhibits the creative process in children.  Generally speaking, smocks are uncomfortable and restrict children’s arm movements. 
Please, have your child (and yourself) wear something comfortable and that can be STAINED.  Bring extra clothes (for you both) to change into as well as a towel to help with clean up. 
Tie-Dye Shirts are sort of the Unofficial “Official” uniform at Wonder Studio. 
Your stained paint covered shirts/pants can be your Wonder Studio uniform!! J And Please go to the grocery store right after class, it’s a great marketing tool for me!! ;)
Finally, young children learn best by repetition.  So I will have many of the same experiences available week to week with a few additions.  This is meant to give your child time to go beyond surface exploration and become more intentional in their play.  

Parking Information – Important!!
Please enter the school on Pratt Blvd.  (South entrance), and please park on the right or left sides of the street on the grass.  As you go over the very first speed bump (painted red)…The Wonder Studio is located through the fence gate directly north of the speed bump.  

The FENCE Gate will be LOCKED until the Start time of class.
If you are early and do not want to hang out in your car, please feel free to enter through the Main Entrance of Shorecrest (which is the very front of the school, facing 1st Street)...At that gate, you will ring the Lower Division Office and will be buzzed in and you will need to sign in at the Office.  Then you can proceed to wait at the Picnic benches in front of Wonder Studio.

I will let everyone in the Studio at 9am and/or 10:30 and will LOCK the gate 5 minutes after (9:05 and 10:35).  
If you are Late;) ...Please enter the school through the Front Office (as I explained above).  
EXITING the class will be through a self-locking gate (I will show you, it's the gate next to the Kindergarten classrooms).  For those of you who enjoy the Playground after class...Wonderful, enjoy it but you will need to use one of the other gates to exit the school grounds.  I will not be able to Unlock the gate for you, especially if I am conducting a class. 
WHILE ON THE PLAYGROUNDS: Please be mindful that the playgrounds at Shorecrest are part of the Learning environment for the students who attend the school. Please return any toys back to their spot after your child plays and be respectful of special projects that belong to students.

NEWer policy...
**NO SNACK during Wonder Studio class.  This is a decision I made with very careful consideration and with an abundance of parent feedback.
Please discuss this with your child in advance so they are prepared for this change. For the children that are used to snack during Wonder Studio, this will be different and could cause confusion at first.  However, I am confident that if we work together, it will just become another part of the WS routine.
In order to build friendships for both the children and caregivers at Wonder Studio, I invite you to use the picnic benches in front of the Wonder Studio to have a group snack AFTER your wonder Studio class. 

As always, I look forward to any comments/questions/concerns that you may have.


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